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The Zanahoria Morá (Daucus carota L. ssp. sativus var. atrorubens) is a tuber with ancient origins. The origin of purple carrots cultivation is located in Cuevas Bajas, a picturesque village in the northeast of the province of Málaga, at the medieval Caliphate of Cordoba and Emirate of Granada settlements on the banks of the Genil River, an ideal framework for its preservation. Cuevas Bajas, a picturesque town in the northeast province of Málaga, has the merits of its ancestral cultivation, and thanks to a pioneering project, this endangered species is being reintroduced to the local crops.

The purple carrots

The authentic Black Carrot (Zanahoria Morá) from Cuevas Bajas is preserved through a rigorous selection of seeds to perpetuate its distinctive characteristics such as a striking and unique violet heart with a wide range of shades of purple arranged in concentric circles. It is planted in early summer, and coinciding with the harvest in early December, a rare festival is celebrated in honour of this vegetable. During the celebration, all the goodness of this Málaga town is shown, and the black carrot is tasted through its many culinary uses.


The Cuevas Bajas purple carrot has roles in innumerable health benefits, proportioning six times more antioxidants than orange carrots, regulating bowel functions, providing antiparasitic properties, stimulating appetite, relieving inflammatory symptoms, protecting against heart diseases, strengthening the immunological system, preventing cellular aging, stabilizing blood glucose, and optimizing eye and skin health.


High nutritional power, without additives

MORÁ presents the first purple carrot snack ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

You can take it as an aperitif or for delicious entréesand appetizers, side dishes, sauces andcreams,or as topping on salads, desserts, yogurts, ice creams and cocktails.


The new caramelized vinegar comes as a cream to accompany both main courses and desserts. Opal purple color and elastic consistency are characteristics that make it an essential complement to the most discerning palates. Because of its texture it is ideal for creating splendid decorations providing a sweet and delicate flavor.

Vinagre Caramelizado
Morá Balsamic Vinegar Cream


The MORÁ jam from the Cuevas Bajas purple carrot is hand-made caring all ingredients.

It presents a delicate texture with purple hues and crystal colour being an exquisite accompaniment for different types of cheese, sweets and desserts, breads and pastries.

Mermelada Zanahoria Morá
Mermelada Zanahoria Morá Light


The Cuevas Bajas purple carrot powder is produced by a dehydration process that results in crunchy flakes. Later, it is subjected to a granulation process and screening, making small and sophisticated particles. Perfect for seasoning vegetables, fishes, meat, and desserts, providing all the flavor of traditional purple carrots.

Granulado de Zanahoria Morá
Aderezo de Zanahoria Morada


High quality handcrafted beer made with malt, purple carrot, hops, yeast and water.

This Beer of purple carrot provide a unique flavor to the palate.

With 6ºalcohol content, it becomes in another alternative to enjoy the free time.

If you drink it very cold, it becomes the ideal accompaniment for snacks, lunches and dinners.

Cerveza La Cueveña


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